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Maon Kurosaki, a singer and songwriter from Japan, died when she was 35.

Who Was Maon Kurosaki?

Maon Kurosaki was born in Tokyo, Japan, on January 13, 1988. She sang and wrote songs. She found out in elementary school that she wanted to be a performer and tried out for a theatre artist role in the sixth grade.

After failing the audition because she wasn’t good enough at acting, she decided to try singing instead. She got ideas for her music from anime and lolita style. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

She became known for her work on anime shows like Jormungand, Tokyo Ravens, and The Fruit of Grisaia, where she worked with artists like Mami Kawada, Kotoko, and Trustrick. She was in the synthpop band Altima from 2011 to 2016.

She got a lot of attention in 2010 when she did the ending themes for the anime show Highschool of the Dead. That same year, her first album, H.O.T.D., came out.

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Kurosaki wrote songs for many anime shows, such as A Certain Magical Index II, Strike the Blood, Danganronpa 3, and Accel World.

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She also played Michiru Arisugawa in a live-action adaptation of Blood-C. She died on February 16, 2023, and will be remembered in the anime music business for a long time.

How did Maon Kurosaki Die?

In September 2021, Kurosaki passed out during a live-streamed concert. He was later diagnosed with an epidural hematoma caused by bleeding between the skull and the membrane that protects the brain.

This forced her to stop making music temporarily to get emergency surgery.

On November 16, 2022, she put out the single “More Strongly,” which became the ending theme for the anime series “Reincarnated as a Sword.”

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Even though Kurosaki’s health was getting worse, she died on February 16, 2023, due to complications from her long-term illness. To remember her, her family held a private funeral.

Maon Legacy

Kurosaki’s love of anime and video games, especially the band Evanescence and the song “Powder Snow” by Ayumi Hamasaki, greatly impacted her work.

She would read the source material for anime theme songs and write lyrics based on the series’ themes and settings.

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Kurosaki worked with Trustrick on the song “Dead or Lie” for the Danganronpa series. Her voice was compared to a demon, while Trustrick’s singer was called an angel.

It was her first time writing lyrics for a duet, and she had to think about the roles of both singers and the guitarist in the song.

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