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23 January 2023 Main Hoon Aparajita Written Episode Update: Veer tries to kill Akshay.

Scene 1
Veer enters Akshay’s room and notices he is dozing off, so he assumes I cannot take any chances.

Akshay fainting shouldn’t be good, and the doctor warns Aparajita when they meet. Did something happen? Aparajita claims he was under pressure to recall details. The doctor claims you already know that won’t happen since it may kill him. Please see Akshay right away, Aparajita asks the doctor. She responds, “I can’t wait,” The doctor leaves after he replies, “You’ll have to wait till I test my patients.” Main Hoon Aparajita is under pressure and wonders, “Why am I being harassed?” She advises me to keep Akshay away from Mohini in order to keep him safe, so why do I feel so anxious? Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Veer looks at Akshay and thinks that you might divulge information about me if your memory returns. Thus I have to murder you. He starts to smother him with a pillow. Akshay attempts to fight but eventually loses the will to live and passes away. Veer chuckles.

Online consultation with their doctor for Mohini and Manish. He claims that he lost his memory for a significant reason. Thus he needs patience and persistence. According to Mohini, you suggest that we be quiet and refrain from acting. Manish makes the final choice. Offended, Mohini accuses him of being ineffective. Don’t worry. According to Manish, Akshay adored Aparajita but abandoned her for you. According to Mohini, Akshay didn’t love me because I loved him first and wowed him. As a result, I made space in our marriage life by obtaining what I needed. Niya hears everything while hiding.

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Asha, Disha, and Chhavi are in front of Mohini’s house. When Main Hoon Aparajita contacts Chhavi, they are preparing to take the purple field. If Akshay is alright, she inquires. Chhavi, who is anxious, replies that he is OK. When Aparajita comes to a decision, she asks herself, “Why am I still feeling so stressed?” Disha instructs Chhavi to take care of Akshay.

When Akshay suddenly coughs and kicks Veer, he removes his eye covers and asks, “Who are you?” Who are you? Akshay asks as he catches him. They fight each other. As Chhavi steps into the house, she assumes Veer must be present to deal with Akshay. Akshay grabs Veer and prepares to remove his mask when Veer kicks him in the top, causing Akshay to scream in pain. When Chhavi hears that, she starts to flee, stumbling and to tumble. She struggles to his bedroom. Veer is about to strike Akshay when he hears Chhavi approaching and flees the scene. Chhavi cries out, “Papa!” He receives a bear embrace from Aparajita as the doctor examines him.

Asha and Disha walk inside Mohini’s house. They start looking for the secure key.

Asks Mohini, Niya 20 years ago, how did you first meet your father? What happened between the two of you? Please don’t lie to me. You said there was no relationship between dad and Aparajita aunty, but I overheard you telling Manish they were in love but that you had lured and imprisoned dad. Outside their room, Disha overhears that. Mohini informs Niya that you are a youngster and won’t understand. You may no longer mislead me, according to Niya. I tried to seduce him because I liked him, and I succeeded in making him fall in love with me because I liked him, says Mohini.

The most crucial fact is that he wouldn’t have approached me if Akshay and Main Hoon Aparajita truly loved one another. My error was that I fell in love with him and behaved inappropriately for a woman in love. You might not notice it right first, but you will if you fall in love. Asha and Disha start to leave. When Disha’s phone rings, she picks it up and starts working, but Mohini enters the room and inquires about her whereabouts. What could be stealing from that field? Disha says we can use Dadi’s field, so we do. You might be stealing and acting egotistically, according to Mohini. Police will be mentioned. Niya stops her and explains that they shouldn’t be stealing anything since it’s also their home.

The doctor examines Akshay. Main Hoon Aparajita queries Chhavi, “Where were you, and how did this happen?” Chhavi phones Asha while sobbing. Asha inquires after she has told them what happened to him. Mohini is in a good mood.

The doctor examines Akshay and notes that while his pulse is OK, we still need to get his CT scan done. There, along with Mohini, are others. Mohini is anxious and queries how this happened. That’s maybe how you’re taking good care of him. She glares at Aparajita, adding, “Are you sure?” Everyone except Aparajita is asked to leave the room by the doctor. He urges Mohini to go, but she refuses, saying that she must stay because she is his wife and can’t handle him.

Aparajita, enough. I told you not to do anything that can affect his health. She screams as she takes her away from Akshay and throws her outside the room. On her face, she locks the door. Akshay awakens by murmuring Aparajita’s name. She queries what happened to you. According to Akshay, there was a robber in the house when I was attacked. I tried to beat the man, but I don’t remember. He is advised to calm down by the doctor, who then departs. I might have known Veer was coming to attack Akshay, according to Aparajita.

The episode ends.

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