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Mai Denzel presents her opinion on trending photos and videos.

One Tariro or Mai Denzel got egg on her face after her displeased partner sent her hubby nud*e images. Rumor has it that Tariro upset his boyfriend by leaving him for his friend. Daniel Parangeta, a man from the Rushinga community of Chimhanda, is his boyfriend.

This infuriated him, so he told her husband about Tariro, who then confronted her.

The tale has become popular on social media since the spouse called her relatives to inform them of her transgressions and pushed her to confess. Tariro can overheard in some audio forced to admit to her sibling while her spouse heard guiding her speech. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

“I was dating someone, and then I ended our relationship and started dating someone else. He told my husband about the affair after finding out.

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I shocked when her lover Daniel told me he was seeing my wife. And if that weren’t enough to convince me, he also sent images of her in her undies as proof that they were in love.

Then I confronted my wife and asked her about Daniel, at which time she sprinted away.

Daniel contacted me and said that Tariro was hiding in my landlord’s house, according to Baba Denzel, and he asked me why I had spoken to Tariro about the matter.

Zimbabweans praise Baba Denzel for maintaining his composure despite finding out that his wife was seeing two guys at once in other news. Read More

After hearing audio excerpts of a lady only known as Mai Denzel confessing her ad*ultery to her husband, a part of social media complimented Baba Denzel for remaining composed throughout the circumstance.

The audio clips indicate that Mai Denzel had extramarital relationships with two men. She dated her first lover before splitting with him to date his friend. The betrayed lover raced to Baba Denzel and disclosed everything, furious at Mai Denzel’s behaviour. He also forwarded him some nak*ed pictures that Mai Denzel had provided him.

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