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Love Island fans discuss Zara and Olivia’s argument in the next episode.

Olivia Hawkins and Zara Deniz got more and more upset with each other. On Sunday, January 22, 2023, a new episode of Love Island season 9 will air. Zara took Olivia’s partner, Tom Clare, at Friday’s recoupling round, away from her. This made things worse between the two girls. Since then, the two women could not stand it when Tom talked to one of them in front of the other. So, Olivia caused the most trouble and made things more complicated than anyone else. Fans said that the most recent episode had too much drama because Olivia felt threatened by Zara. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Some of the comments from users were: Olivia needs to leave! There’s no doubt that Zara scares her. You need to pull yourself together! Zara and Olivia had a lot of heated conversations on Sunday’s episode, which ended with a heated conversation that would only get worse in the next episode. In a preview for the next episode, Olivia yelled at by Zara, who tells her to get over her feelings. Because of this, Olivia began to cry.

Fans of Love Island label Olivia Hawkins stupid and unpleasant after her confrontation with Zara Deniz.

Olivia Hawkins was thought to acting like a child and making trouble on the most recent episode of Love Island. Zara was going to bothered by the fact that she talked to Tom in front of her and said what they were saying private. Olivia Hawkins also started to cry when Zara fought back after she accused of playing a game by Olivia Hawkins. One user says that Olivia is acting like a child, which irritates me.

In a clip of Olivia crying, someone said, “Olivia, you’re crying because you’ve told to grow up.” Another user says that Olivia always blames other people for keeping things that make her unhappy. Just watching her wears me out. As soon as Olivia moved into the villa, she and Zara began to fight. They both work in the entertainment business, which is how they met. The group played beer pong after Zara’s first day, and the bombshell kissed the cheeks of the person she thought had two faces. Read More

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At first, the game was meant to a fun way to look at the contestants, but Olivia not happy when Zara chose Olivia Hawkins as the contestant with two faces. After what happened, they didn’t like each other as much, especially after Zara stole Olivia’s new boyfriend, Tom, when she was recoupling. Olivia’s plan for January 22 of Love Island UK 2023 was to annoy Zara and talk to Tom. Olivia told Zara the conversation was “private” when asked about it. She said that she and Tom were working together, so she was curious about what they talked about. She laughed and repeated what she had already said, adding that the conversation was private.

That scared Zara, so she said the truth would soon come out. Olivia told her that it wasn’t about them and Tom. Zara still insisted on knowing what was going on. Since Zara determined to find out what was being discussed, Olivia asked Zara and Tom if they married. The bombshell answer was, “I’m here to find someone, and I’m seeing something right now.” In other words, I’m looking for someone… Yes, because he seems like the person I could see a future with. Then, Olivia made fun of Zara by saying she was playing games. After that, the fight got worse, which we’ll talk about in the next episode.

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