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Leo Rex, a fitness YouTuber, was found dead at the home of Tony Huge.

Here’s some sad and shocking news: Leo Rex has died. He had other names, too, like Leo and Longevity. He was a very well-known YouTuber for fitness. He is no longer with his close friends and family and died on Monday. Many people are shocked by how quickly he died, and now many want to know everything they can about the news. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Leo Rex was a well-known fitness and YouTuber who went by the name Leo and Longevity at work. He was the host of the popular TV show Leo and Longevity. He is very well-known and has more than 123,000 people who follow him on YouTube. The report says that some people spread the rumour that he killed himself, and the news of his death quickly spread on many social networking sites. Many people are shocked by his sudden death and want to know more about it.

Why Did Leo Rex Die?

According to the news, Leo Rex is no longer one of his close friends. He died around 8:30 p.m. on January 30, 2023, in Pattaya Village, near Soi Kor Phai, Moo 10. He lived in the United States. He was 34 years old and his full name was Laith Abdullah Algaz. When the police got to the house, they found him dead in a room with a private bathroom. Chief Kaunlachart told the Thai media that both the bedroom and the bathroom had been broken into, and the room was a mess.

Since the news came out on the internet and as soon as it spread on social media, many reactions have made the internet news. The police said they found many drugs, such as steroids, cannabis, sleeping pills, and antidepressants.

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