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Learn about Akbar V and how Cardi B settled their Twitter fight.

Instead of Cardi B new album, a Twitter controversy has recently garnered media attention. Yes, the rap star made several references to and made fun of another rap star named Akbar V in a series of tweets uploaded on her Twitter account. Fans congratulated Cardi on her record but grew baffled when they learned that another rapper, Akbar, existed. As the debate gained steam, more concerns emerged about who Akbar was and why Cardi was making fun of her without reason. Eventually, it came out that Cardi had posted for Akbar on her Twitter because she was rooting for him. Please give us the full, juicy details of the heated argument between Cardi B and Akbar V. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

The Full Twitter Debate Between Cardi B and Akbar V is Expounded

Before passing the debate, we must establish who Akbar V or Akbar is. Cardi allegedly got into an altercation with Akbar V, a rapper. Akbar is a rapper on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. 3$ NO, Tax, RIP, Mama, and Rehab are her albums. The main topics of this program are actual life and the inner workings of the life of a rapper. Akbar also released a slew of critically acclaimed records over his career.

Akbar used to be a part of the Young Thug–founded organization YSL, which provided resources and opportunities to promising young rappers like himself. A native Atlantan, Akbar’s birth name is Valerie Raven.

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Cardi B’s Akbar V Video Trends

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After seeing how successful her videos were on Twitter, Cardi wrote back to Akbar to stress that she wasn’t making fun of her and that she had never addressed her. She did not enjoy Cardi’s conduct, including sharing her tape online and demeaning her children, even though she managed it.

Akbar claims that Cardi, a mother herself, made a mistake by bringing her kids into this situation. In her reply, Cardi said she had tried to reach Akbar but had heard nothing in return; this only served to fan the flames of the impending uproar. Eventually, Cardi ended the debate by thanking her listeners for buying her new album.

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Who exactly is this Akbar V?

Rapper Akbar developed a significant online following thanks to the videos she released advertising her CDs and herself.

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A new album by Akbar just came out, and it was pretty fantastic. A video of her addressing how some rappers rule the hit chart or the billboard conversation while releasing albums infrequently was shared with her. Many Cardi’s supporters took Akbar’s video seriously because they believed it was serious and not meant to be funny. Cardi came in and began discussing Akbar on her social media accounts. She also published a viral video featuring her son, Akbar, and talked about her children in other videos.

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