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Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s voicemails have reportedly been exposed.

Ray J and Kim Kardashian seen in a video together. According to Candice Owens’s supposedly leaked voicemails, Kim Kardashian left a voicemail for Ray J about ten years ago. In the voicemail, he branded the former couple “sick” and “disgusting” and then referred to Whitney Houston as “the old man.”

In her most recent podcast, Candice Owens talks about how the Kardashians use black men for their gain. I don’t know how Owens acquired the sound, but I inspired to play the recording. His “leaving” would have allowed them to get to this point. The line in the sand It has reported that a video of Kim and musician Ray J’s voicemails has released. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

According to Owens, “There are some videos of Kim Kardashian talking trash.” […] She’s not the innocent little Kim K that she presents herself as being now. Angrily, he labels Whitney Houston a moron and rants at Ray J. The situation is just horrible. […] She is entirely different from your children’s Kim Kardashian.


Then, he informed the crowd that what they were hearing was an excerpt from the whole recording that had not yet made public.

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He voice states, “I genuinely think you are a sick person” on the tape. You desperately need attention and will resort to whatever means necessary to obtain it.

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You have my utmost loathing. Crack is the last thing you need because you are a sick person. Have a good time with that old witch, Whitney. It has reported that a video of Kim Kardashian and musician Ray J’s voicemails has been released.

Reports suggest that Kim Kardashian and singer Ray J. HD Internet Craze. For whatever reason, Ray J. shares an old voicemail in which Kim heard yelling at him.

At first, we didn’t think the feud between the Kim Kardashians and Ray J, which had already made headlines, could grow any worse. It appears that things have heated up between them recently.

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