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KiaraaKitty has been banned from Twitch four times.

KiaraaKitty is a well-known streamer with over 300,000 Twitch subscribers and a spot in the top 0.1% of creators on OnlyFans.

She has, however, had trouble with the platform before because of the things she posted. She was also accused of cheating a few men out of money, which she strongly denied. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Again, her account was closed on January 22. Even though KiaraaKitty has told her fans many times that she will focus on TikTok from now on, it needs to be clarified how long the ban will last.

Kiaraa said, “Hello, everyone,” in her Discord. I’m forbidden. Even the best things end. At least that last stream was good. So, I have no regrets. I’m glad about the trip.

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Fans are worried that the ban might last long because she said it was her “final stream.” But her channel is still partnered, even though she wasn’t online then.

After a few hours, Kiaraa gave her fans another update and begged them to follow her on TikTok, saying, “I’m going to go live there.”

Twitch bans the Kiaraakitty OnlyFans model.

A model from OnlyFans was banned from Twitch after she ate a sausage in her underwear and made lewd gestures while doing it.

After the event, Hong Kong-based streamer Kiaraakitty was suddenly banned from Twitch.

She was on vacation in Taiwan at the time the ban was put in place. She had been seen out and about dressed up, and she had posted a lot of pictures from her trip.

Twitch Partner “Kiaraakitty” (@kiaraakitty) has been banned, according to the automated Twitter account StreamerBans, which tells users about bans on streaming services.

Her Twitch channel needs to be fixed because she broke Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. That’s all it says.

The woman is seen in the stream while she is out and about in Tapei, the capital of Taiwan. She looks like she is eating a sausage.

Twitch has a strict policy against nudity and se*xually explicit content because many users are teenagers and young children.

According to Twitch’s rules, explicit and suggestive se*xual content is not allowed. Clothing and other se*xual content are still judged separately from this content.

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