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Jonathan Casanova is arrested for attacking Rubio canvassers.

The Attack on Rubio Canvassers Described Arrested; Jonathan Casanova, a Second Suspect:- Two of the main suspects in the assault of a Marco Rubio canvassers in Florida have been apprehended, and we wanted to let you know. Recently, news of a terrible assault on a Marco Rubio canvasser in Florida spread. People are demanding justice for the victim now that this story has made headlines and spread throughout the internet. The cops, in the meantime, have made a breakthrough. Florida police just announced the arrest of a second suspect in connection with the savage assault on a canvasser. Both of the perpetrators have been named. You’ll find out who they were and what they did to the victim in the following chapters. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Rubio Canvasser Attack Explained

Two males reportedly attacked a canvasser for Senator Marco Rubio in Hialeah, Florida. But the two suspects have apprehended. Police say that two suspects attacked the canvasser. Who are the suspected criminals? According to reports, Jonathan Alexander Casanova is the second suspect, and Javier Lopez is the first. Do you know the victim’s name? To learn more about the suspect, please scroll down the page.

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Suspect Arrested

The victim reportedly named Chris Monzon. Chris Monzon, who handing out flyers in support of Marco Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis, involved in the altercation. But then, out of nowhere, two men attacked him. The canvasser told the police that he not allowed to walk through the area because Jonathan Casanova had introduced him as a Republican. Continue reading below.

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According to the complaint, both of the victims began beating him after they got into a verbal argument with him. Jonathan Casanova kicked Monzon after he had fallen to the ground after being thrown by Lopes. Now that the suspects have apprehended, they will face charges of assault and severe battery. The 27-year-old Jonathan Casanova is a man. Marco Rubio said, “Local media spent two days portraying the GOP canvasser who attacked as a criminal and denying the violence politically motivated.” A second arrest, along with the police report and security footage, proves that the story they were peddling was false and reckless.

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