HomeNewsJoel Estoril Percy Lapid, a Filipino radio journalist, was murdered.

Joel Estoril Percy Lapid, a Filipino radio journalist, was murdered.

Who Is Joel Estoril? A suspect has been arrested for the murder of radio journalist and broadcaster Percy Lapid in the Philippines. – Joel Estoril, a radio reporter, and the host, was brutally killed on his way home, and this story is now going viral on the internet. As we all know, these kinds of murders have happened in this country, and the people who told the truth and the politicians with power killed them by giving them warnings. He always brought up corruption issues and talked about them on his radio show. After his presentation, people were rewarded for corruption, and he was killed. Let’s learn more about this murder charge against a man who wasn’t guilty. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who was Joel Estoril?

So he is a member of his mother’s family, and his middle name is Filipino. The last name of his father’s family is Mabasa. From what I’ve heard, he was an opponent of both President BongBong and Rodrigo Duterte and talked about corruption on the radio. He was a radio host and journalist for a living, and he had done a lot of research and found proof, but the police still didn’t look into this case. The reason for his death is listed below.

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How did Joel Estoril Die?

This terrible thing happened to Joel on October 3. Joel Estoril was driving his car back home when he reached BF Resort Village, Las Pias. His car was only going 50 meters per hour at the time. When he got stuck in traffic, two people on a motorcycle came up behind him and pulled his car. They were armed, and when they shot him, he died right away. The footage was taken, and the victim’s car and cell phone were also found.

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So, we know that one of the criminals was wearing a pink jacket, and the other wore a black coat. The police were investigating and trying to find them, as they promised they would, because one was wearing a pink jacket and the other was wearing a black coat. Details about his death aren’t in the obituary because his body has been sent to a post-mortem. We’ll let you know what the results are when we get them. We’re unfortunate for his family, and we hope his soul can rest peacefully.

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