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Jason Momoa may quit Aquaman after the “awful” sequel.

After Aquaman 2 and the Lost Kingdom comes out in 2023, Jason Momoa might not come back to the Aquaman universe. Why is that? Reports say that the actor is unhappy with the upcoming sequel’s script. The DCU Aquaman franchise doesn’t have much of a future. Aquaman 2 with Jason Momoa has reportedly received poorly at test screenings, with some people even leaving. Reports say that some people think that James Wan’s movie is one of the worst in the DC universe. This is also the last time Jason Momoa will show up in the DCU timeline. Jeff Sneider, a reliable insider, has told us what will happen to Jason Momoa in the DC Universe. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

He heard that “terrible” things were said about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and that Momoa would play Lobo. From what I’ve heard, it sounds terrible, which is why Momoa will now play Lobo. DC can’t say that yet because if it does, it will be a dead duck, and they want to make another billion dollars. It’s not too shocking since the first one was also bad. A rumour says that Lobo could be the bad guy in Superman: Legacy, which will be the first big story in the new DCU and come out in 2025. Peter Safran has hinted in the past that there might be a third Aquaman movie. He said that Jason Momoa always thought of Aquaman as the first part of a trilogy.

Reports say that Jason Momoa has left Aquaman because the next movie is “terrible.”

After Aquaman 2 and the Lost Kingdom comes out in 2023, it’s possible that Jason Momoa won’t return to the Aquaman universe. What gives? It turns out that the actor has heard that the sequel’s script is “terrible.” The Aquaman franchise in the DCU doesn’t have much of a future. There are rumours that the test screenings of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman 2 got bad reviews and that some people even left the theatre! Some viewers have also said that the James Wan-directed movie was one of the worst in the DC universe. What’s next for Jason Momoa in the DC Universe after his next movie? A person named Jeff Sneider has information that can be trusted. Sneider says that Momoa could play Lobo at some point in the future. He said, “I’ve heard it’s bad, which is why Momoa will now play Lobo.”

But they can’t say that because it would be a lame duck… DC wants to make another billion dollars, too. Even though the first one was bad, this one is even worse. As for the first, it was just as bad. Some DC heroes know that Lobo is a shady bounty hunter and mercenary who works in space. Lobo might also show up in the 2025 Superman: Legacy movie, according to rumours. The movie will start off the new DC Universe. This year, the actor said in a cryptic post that Warner Bros. has good news for him. Also, he told James Gunn and Peter Safran, the heads of DC Studios, how thankful he was. Since Momoa wants to play Lobo, it would be very strange if he played the bad guy in the DC movies. It will become apparent in time. The current release date for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is December 25, 2023.

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