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Is Saeeda Imtiaz Dead or Still Alive? Explanation of the Death Hoax of a Pakistani Actress!

Today, we will reveal some disturbing news that has gone viral throughout all social media sites and outlets. Information about Saeeda Imtiaz’s passing is untrue. The report has gone viral across all social media channels. The public should pay more attention to this news. People are highly interested in learning the full details of this case. Many questions are emerging in people’s thoughts due to this news. Everyone is curious how the false rumors about Saeeda Imtiaz’s mutiny got out there. The information has startled everyone. Why did news of Saeeda Imtiaz’s passing circulate?

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Is Saeeda Imtiaz Dead or Still Alive?

Saeeda Imtiaz was a competitor on ARY Digital’s Tamasha and has been in numerous plays and films. She once appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show on ARY Digital, where she admitted that she was based in New York, was a significant fan of Mehreen Jabbar, and had sought Mehreen Jabbar first to get a break in the media business. Saeeda Imtiaz had said, “I was in New York, and Mehreen was also there, so I approached her, and she offered me one shot in a play, and I agreed, but when I went home, my mother was furious, so I didn’t do that play, But I am a stubborn and pampered child so I later decided to move to Pakistan and work here.

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Her Instagram account was hacked, according to a source close to the star. Perhaps because of this, her hacked social media account was used to announce her death. One hears a lot of news about hacking these days. However, breaking into someone’s social network account without consent is a serious legal offense. Cybercrime includes this offense. The police are handling this matter right now and are conducting an investigation. We’ll keep you informed as soon as more details become available.

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