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In the written episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on January 24, 2023, Akshu saves Abhi.

Written replacement for the January 24, 2023 episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai can be found on Newsyblogy.com.

Manjiri sobs as she sees Neil’s photo at the beginning of the episode. She claims that I have decided on this for Abhi. Calls Abhi. She claims that you can still feel lonely in a throng. How have you learned? He queries. She continues, “I’m your mum, and I know your fake grin and tears, and you feel lonely, right.” When he notices Akshu, he remarks, “More than before.” She commands you to hurry home. Akshu doesn’t know how to sing, claims Abhinav. When asked to sing, Abhir claims she will go mute. Abhi seems to be in a dazed state. He thinks back to Akshu. Akshu requests that Neela sing. She moves to the music. Singing Neela As he dances, Abhir trips. Abhi holds him.

In addition, Abhinav dances. We all laugh together. They are unhealthy, according to Abhir, and they make fun of my father. When Abhi hears this, he shows Abhinav the dance moves. Abhi invited to return and dance by Muskaan. Abhinav and Abhi dance. Abhir claims he isn’t as ill as he seems. I shouldn’t stay here, according to Abhi. According to Akshu, this marriage should end fast; after that, we will proceed as we, please. Neela displays the earrings that given to her. Akshu nods in agreement. I’ll keep busy at work, says Abhi. Akshu has been working since the morning, so Abhinav thinks I’ll get her an espresso. Pouring the espresso is him. I can make a cardiac signal on this coffee, he says. The sun disappears. He claims that it arrived ruined. When Akshu goes outside, he discovers someone tampering with the cables to steal electricity.

Furthermore, Abhi notices them and goes to beat them. Abhi quietly converses with the thugs. Akshu believes he is the same as Abhi. I’ll complain, Abhi replies; I don’t need you to be upset. He is in danger from the thugs. Akshu shows up there carrying a stick. She humiliates them.

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After apologising to her, the thugs leave. She is similar, but Abhi notices that she has a lot of rages. He wonders when she first started fighting. His wires fixed. The lights turn on. Mahima chastises Parth and inquires where he should be concentrating. Shefali will provide Parth with a file. He deemed ineffective by Mahima. She leaves. Parth will become furious with Shefali.

Neela claims that the bride will shine when the sun is out. Muskaan inquires Akshu where her Nath/nostril ring is. I’ll go collect it from the room, Akshu says. For Akshu, Abhinav will get it. Akshu praises him and wears it. Hauling performed. Abhinav beams. Muskaan gives him a signal. Arriving to see her is Abhi. Are you casting unwholesome glances at my mother and father, questions Abhir? Don’t be scared, said Abhi because the world has turned against me and is now afraid of me. How did you want my dance, asks Abhi? My dad’s dance, according to Abhir, was one of the best. Sure, says Abhi. When Abhi watches the wedding, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Abhinav inquires whether you have eaten, noting that there may be special dinners and that we offer sweets before the meal. Shefali and Parth are on their way. He claims that you should have been on time to receive the file. She questions why you ignored it if it was an imp. Her is asked to exit the car by him. She queries my ability to get home. He yells at her. She’s going to exit the car. Party leaves. Shefali invited to get inside the car by Mahima as she arrives. Parth brought me here. According to Shefali, therefore you need to talk to your son first. Mahima adjourns. Crying Shefali When Abhi tries the food, he likes it.

Abhi is seen by Akshu eating the candy potato. Her running stops him. It has candy potato, she claims. Abhinav queries what happened. Only some people think it’s appropriate to eat, according to Akshu. It’s OK, replies Abhinav. I also have a candy potato allergy, according to Abhi. Wow, Akshara ji, you always do it right. She has a lot of medical information as a doctor treated her for a long time, adds Abhinav. He queries whether you have any allergies. No, says Abhi. Abhinav advises being able to put on weight. AKSHU LEAVES. Why are you taking so long to forget about me? You have no right to be ignorant of my memories, Abhi wonders.

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