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House of Dragons’ Phia Saban does what?

Phia Saban is an actress from London who is getting much attention nowadays. Since she has been in many big web series, people are also interested in her personal life. Phia was cast in the web series The Kingdom and House of Dragons, which brought her a lot of attention and made people notice her acting skills and beauty. Phia is in both the HBO and Netflix shows, which later got much attention. She is also on social media, where she posts about what’s going on in her life. Tell us more about Phia Saban, who is a rising star. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is House of Dragons’ Phia Saban?

Phia was cast in the HBO max show House of Dragon, which debuts on August 21, 2022. This show is the follow-up to The Game of Thrones, which many people watch and love. After The Game of Thrones got popular and ended with season eight, people got excited about this new show. Phia has been chosen to play Princess Helaena Targaryen in this series. She is King Viserys’s second child and Princess Rhaenyra’s half-sister. She is also Princess Aemond’s and Aegon’s sister. Phia also worked on a BBC and Netflix show called The Kingdom, which was very popular. Read More: Chiranjeevi action flick “Bhola Shankar” will be released next year.

Phia Saban: Wikipedia & Bio

When it comes to Phia, was born in London, England, on September 19, 1998. Phia is 24 years old and works as an actor for a living. She is Penny Boreham’s daughter, but we don’t know much about her father yet. Phia also has a brother named Gabriel Saban, who is also trying to make a living as an actor. Phia’s mother helped her get a job and ensured she lived her dream. Phia’s mother is both a producer with a lot of experience and a child activist. Penny, Phia’s mother, helped and supported her in everything she did. She also helped her get better at acting. Read More: Watch: Matki Part 2 of Web Series On Ullu!!

Relationships, Education, and Family with Phia Saban

Phia hasn’t said anything about whether or not she’s in a relationship. She posts about many people on social media, but she hasn’t said anything about being in a relationship. Phia became interested in acting when she was young and went to National Youth Theatre to learn how to act and play music. She earned a degree in acting from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2020. She was also on a BBC show, and in 2019 she won the Josephine Hart Poetry Prize. Phia’s life is private, and she doesn’t talk about it much on social media. Gabriel, her brother, is also studying acting because he wants to do it as a career. Read More: Pictures of Kanishka Soni with her mangal sutra and sindoor went viral after her wedding.

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