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Honey Trap’s cast and episodes are on Ullu.

Honey Trap Web Series Online: Cast and Crew, Release Date, and Actress Name: This article about the Honey Trap ULLU Web Series talks about the cast, actors, roles, plot, wiki, all the episodes, release date, how to watch online for free, reviews, and a lot more. I’ll be studying. Ullu, a well-known OT platform, put the trailer for Honey Trap, a new web series by Alia Naaz, Manisha Jain, and Alia Qureshi, on YouTube. This web series is a mix of fantasy, drama, and romance. At the moment, Ullu App puts out a new web series every week. Everyone in the world knows about the web series Ullu. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Honey Trap is a web series available through the Ullu app. This web series is a mix of fantasy, drama, and romance. On the Ullu app, new web series episodes come out every week. A lot of people watch the Takk 2 web series.

Story from ullu app on honey trap web series

This story is about a girl who gets married. Her husband stopped paying attention to her after they got married. Her husband doesn’t like her. When that girl sees other girls with boyfriends, she wonders when it will be her turn. She encounters Hakeem one day as she is traveling. He finds out what the girl is thinking and then gives her a bottle of honey. He tells the girl that one taste of this honey is all it takes to satisfy her sexual desire for someone else.

Every man who sees her falls in love with him because of this. When the girl returned home, she used Hakim’s method to start having s*x with the boys she chose.

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When will the Honey Trap Web Series be out?

The Honey Trap web series, exclusive to the Ullu app, was released on November 15, 2022. Each two-part episode of Honey Trap takes between 15 and 30 minutes to watch.

Honey Trap will be available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri on OTT and website platforms.

  • Open the Ullu website or app on your computer or phone.
  • After that, use your Ullu account to sign in.
  • Start watching your favourite web series episodes immediately by clicking on the series’ poster.
  • If Ullu Premium isn’t available, you’ll need to sign up for it before seeing the four types of plans.

The only video on Ullu that is free to watch is the first one. There is no free trial for the service. You can also watch a free movie or Honey Trap Web Series trailer before streaming. You have to pay Owl’s fee to see anything else. Here are the premium prices for Ullu:

INR 54 for 5 days
INR 300 for 3 months
INR 600 for 6 months
INR 900 for 1 year

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