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Hiraba Modi, PM Modi’s mother, died when she was young. Here is a video of Hirabayashi Modi’s last rites at the Gandhinagar Crematorium.

Here’s some sad and shocking news: Hiraba Modi, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has died more than once at the age of 100. She is no longer with her close friends and family, and she took her last breath this morning. Recently, this news made its way onto the Internet and quickly spread across many social networking sites. As soon as this news spread on social media, there were a lot of reactions to the news. Right now, everyone on social media is sad about the death of Heeraben Modi. Follow our website, Newsyblogy.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Since the news got out on the Internet, it spread quickly on many social networking sites, and many people are now very interested in PM Modi’s mother’s death. Heeraben Modi, PM Modi’s mother, died a few months ago. She was 100 years old. Hiraba took her last breath on Friday morning, December 30, 2022, at the UN Mehta Heart Hospital, where she had been taken on Wednesday for treatment. She died around 3:30 in the morning.

PM Modi’s Mother Hiraba Modi Death

Narendra Modi, her son, has confirmed that his mother, Heeraben Modi, has died. Early in the morning, the Prime Minister sent out a touching tweet that said, “A glorious century rests at the feet of God… I’ve always thought that the journey of an ascetic, which is part of the trinity in Maa, is a sign of a selfless Karmayogi and a life based on values. He also said, “When I met her mother on her 100th birthday, she told me one thing I will always remember: work with intelligence and live a pure life.” Read Also: Pelé, a great football player and World Cup winner, dies at age 82.

We know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi got to Gujarat early this morning to say goodbye to his mother. In 1923, Heeraben Modi was born in Visnager, in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. Heeraben Modi lived with PM Modi’s younger brother Pankaj Modi in Raysan village near Gandhinagar. It’s a sorrowful time for the Modi family because they’ve lost someone they loved. Since the news broke, there have been a lot of reactions in the news. Many people are sending Heeraben Modi’s family their deepest condolences and paying tribute to him.

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