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Hareem Shah viral video for Colgate toothpaste!

The most recent video released by the pair has caused a stir on the internet, and the performance video has resonated strongly with members of the general public. During the high-energy dance number, Le Le Maza Le, from the well-known Bollywood film Wanted, the two groups of friends raise the level of appreciation between themselves to new heights.

The celebrity has amassed sizable following and many views for her dance videos featuring various celebrities. She always finds a way to stay in the show, and due to her controversy-filled past and outspoken nature, she now has a sizable support base. Later this year got hitched. She is inevitably mentioned in stories about her behaviour and controversies. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Hareem Shah?

Since then, the Sindh Legislature Member of the Legislative Assembly has held their meeting. At the entrance to the assembly, individuals are looking at the palms of the legislators and checking their watches. Hareem Shah is a prominent TikTok user who hails from Pakistan. She is also known online by the monikers Drama Queen and Political Beauty.

Link To Hareem Shah’s Complete Viral Video

Everyone was shocked when controversial Tiktok personality Harim Shah abruptly announced that he was getting married this year. She must wed a Sindh-based lawmaker from the Pakistan People’s Party, as instructed by Harim. He did not want his identity mentioned in the media, though.

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Hareem Shah’s biography, age, and wiki

On June 28, 2021, she made public the fact that she was engaged to the leader of the Pakistan People’s Party; however, she did not reveal the identify of her future husband. She was a student at a particular school whose birth name was Fiza Hussain. Her parents’ names were Zarar Hussain Shah. She is pursuing a doctoral degree in competitive theology at the University of Peshawar, where she is a graduate student.

Reddit, Twitter, & Hareem Shah Full Viral Video

In response to criticism caused by a video Hareem Shah shot inside the Foreign Office in October 2019, Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan directed an investigation into Shah’s authorization. After a video of her discussion with Sheikh Rasheed, a federal minister, was leaked, she faced backlash for her remarks.

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At a shopping center’s grand opening ceremony in Dubai in December 2019, she was subjected to harassment. Hareem Shah smacked Mufti Qavi in the face in January 2021 due to a “dirty” and “vulgar” conversation. Hareem Shah further asserted that Mufti Qavi had engaged in inappropriate physical contact with her and her relative. In March 2021, Hareem Shah filed a complaint against a mutual acquaintance for attempted murder and physical assault.

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