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Habibi Trending Videos on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube!!

Jhoome Jo Pathaan, the title song from the Pathaan movie, is currently popular online. The movie has so far been successful and has gained traction on social media. To this music, though, many individuals moved their bodies. Speaking of Hammad, the actor is buzzing online after uploading a video of himself dancing to the album’s lead single, “Pathaan.” The number of views on the video immediately increased. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Habibi viral video

The performer entertained everyone with his dance skills and other energetic actions. The actor was bopping along to the theme song for the movie Pathaan, shocking and entertaining the audience. However, it can also be mentioned that Hammad’s admirers were happy to see him dance; one of them said that he was an excellent dancer, while another user said that He did the perfect hook and ricked the dance floor.

Who is Habibi?

However, it is also mentioned that the actor has been engaged in these activities online and that he grooves and dances to various well-known tunes. On the other side, Hammod is highly recognized for the numerous different drama parts that he played. Some of his famous compositions include Kesi Teru Khudgarzi, Soteli Mamta, and Khidmat Guzari.

Full Habibi Trending Videos

The actor is renowned for both his commitment and passion for acting. Speaking of Hammod’s previously released video, or Habibi’s video, he lit up the dance floor when he created a video to the same song by Asim Azhar and danced to it. The actor was gyrating and dancing to Habibi’s music in the viral video.

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The song is private despite the numerous rumours because it has already been made public. Instead, the popularity of Hammod’s Pathaan and Habibi Trending Videos dance videos is rising.

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