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Grimes Disses the Grammys, and People Show Their Support Online

On Sunday, February 5, 2023, Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes went on a rant on social media. In it, she criticized the Grammy Awards, called them useless, and said she had been told who to nominate. Charli XCX was upset that her album “Crash” wasn’t nominated for a Grammy, and she said that people don’t want to see hot, bad girls do well. That’s when Charli XCX made her diss. Grimes says the Grammys don’t matter, so I wouldn’t even bother with them. Grimes defended the singer by saying that she couldn’t nominate her late trans Producer, Sophie Xeon, because she wasn’t on a very boring list that had already been made. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

As one of three women on the Producer of the Year award committee, the Shinigami Eyes singer said she was the only one under 40. Internet users rallied around Grimes after she said what she did and called the Grammys “scripted.” They talked about The Weeknd and other artists who had been overlooked in the past. Grimes has come to Charli XCX’s defense after she wasn’t nominated for a Grammy. Even though her most recent album was number one on both sides of the Atlantic, XCX wasn’t nominated for an award. So, she wrote yesterday in an Instagram caption about how she seemed to be joking about the awards.

Grimes, who sings for the band Shinigami Eyes, backs Charli XCX after she didn’t win a Grammy.

Grimes backed Charli XCX up after she talked about not getting a Grammy Award. Charli XCX’s new album, which went to number one on both sides of the Atlantic, didn’t get her any nominations. In response, she joked about the awards in a tweet yesterday and in the caption of a new selfie on Instagram. Mia Goth portrays an ambitious actress who becomes murderous as her dreams of fame are crushed in Pearl, a surprise box office hit from last year that was overlooked at this year’s Academy Awards. Even though Grimes has been an indie darling for a long time, she quickly showed her support for XCX. In a comment on XCX’s post, Grimes said that the Grammies are so unimportant that she wouldn’t bother to watch them. When I was in charge of the year board, I stopped even timing them because they wouldn’t let me nominate people who weren’t already on their list, which was very dull.

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