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Gangster Atiq Ahmed and his brother, a former Indian politician, were shot live.

Atiq Ahmed, a former Indian politician who had been found guilty of kidnapping, was shot dead with his brother while being escorted by police on suspicion of murder and assault. Shots were fired as a g*n was brought close to Ahmed’s head while he was speaking to journalists live on television.

Ahmed stated that the police had threatened his life and that his son had also been shot dead by them a few days prior. Opposition parties expressed shock and criticised the deaths, labelling them a security breach.

Atiq Ahmed, a former Indian politician, and his brother shot live

Ahmed and his brother were brought to face murder and assault charges after the event in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. When they stopped to speak with reporters, they were being led to a local hospital for a checkup.

Before they were both shot to death, video footage of Ahmed and his brother talking to media was captured. In his final statement to the camera, Ahmed said, “They did not take us, so we did not go.” After the shooting, three men who had pretended to be journalists promptly surrendered and were brought into custody.

Ahmed’s son’s Death and Alleged Threats

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A few days previously, during what was referred to as a shoot-out, Ahmed’s adolescent son Asad was fatally shot by police. Ahmed had previously asked for protection, claiming that the police were endangering his life. His motion was turned down, and last month the Indian Supreme Court refused to hear his petition, claiming that the police had threatened to kill him. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

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