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Galaxy Display’ 360-degree hinged folding phone prototype.

Just when you think Samsung’s folding phones have reached their highest point, they come out with something new that makes you want to see more. The Galaxy Z Fold 4, the company’s best folding device, came out in August 2022. It shows off an improved version of their technology for folding screens. Galaxy Display’ 360-degree showed off a new display prototype with a hinge that can turn 360 degrees at CES 2023. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

The user will be able to fold the “Flex In & Out” display both inwards and outwards, which means that the hinge will be made in a completely different way. Reports say that the crease made by this kind of display will be less obvious than the one made by current folding screens. The design of the hinge, which also called a “water-drop hinge,” will let the screen form a looser shape when folded inward. It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time Samsung has shown off a “Flex In & Out” display at an event. A similar display shown by the company in Korea in the year 2021. The new display folded both in and out, while the old one could only folded into a “S” shape.

The new Galaxy Display’ 360-degree folding screen could added to the next Galaxy Fold device, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which expected to come out later this year along with the Galaxy Z Flip 5. With the new hinge, the fold would be less noticeable than on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Time will tell if Samsung will be able to keep its lead in the future, since its Z series smartphones are almost the only ones on the market that can fold.

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