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Frankfurt Fans In Neapel Clash With Cops On Twitter!!

A violent brawl broke out between Eintracht Frankfurt ultras and the police of Napoli in the hours leading up to the second leg of Eintracht Frankfurt’s Champions League match against Napoli. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

  • In the second match of the round of 16, Frankfurt will play Napoli.
  • German ultras create chaos
  • After the transit ban, many people still need tickets.

On Wednesday, German supporters caused pandemonium in the center of Naples after an altercation between them and approximately 200 fans of Napoli prompted the intervention of authorities. The fight involved both sets of supporters. In retaliation, the Frankfurt ultras were seen hurling stones, flares, and a variety of other projectiles, as well as lighting a police vehicle on fire. Innocent spectators’ vehicles and motorcycles, as well as some stores that faced the Piazza del Gesu and suffered damage as a result of the incident, were also affected.

Neapel Clash With Cops On Twitter

There have been reports of Frankfurt ultras making threats against Italian journalists. Many of these individuals arrived in Frankfurt without tickets due to a travel ban implemented by the Italian authorities to avoid scenes such as the one that took place here. Even though many Frankfurt directors stayed in Germany to dispute the decision, this did not deter a great number of infuriated supporters, as it is believed that Naples sustained significant damage.

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Philipp Reschke, director of Frankfurt, issued the following statement: “Around 150 supporters from Napoli came over and assaulted ours (at Piazza del Gesu). After that, the plan was put into action. It culminated in a fairly drawn-out confrontation that involved a great deal of pyrotechnics. It appeared as though that was the location where the groups that were searching for one another ended up finding one another. A patrol car was seen in flames when we arrived. Even the officers on the scene were unable to determine who had initiated the fight.”

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