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Early gameplay from GTA 6 is revealed in a massive leak.

PCGamer reports that a GTAForums user going by the username teapotuberhacker has uploaded more than 90 videos from what they believe is a test build of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 (also known as GTA 6). The previous leak has since resulted in sharing videos and screenshots on Twitter and YouTube. Although Rockstar hasn’t officially said whether these clips are from GTA 6. They appear to represent what to expect from the upcoming GTA game. The enormous GTA 6 leak also seems to have come from a highly early game build. That is only intended for developers to access. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!


  • Over 90 videos from what appears to be an early build of GTA 6 have released by a GTAForums user.
  • These videos’ content makes it appear as if it came from Grand Theft Auto 6.
  • Regarding the GTA 6 leak, Rockstar has not yet issued a formal response.

It will make you think of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. When you witness a playable character named Lucia stealing a diner with her accomplice, Jason, in one of the videos. The police car appears to be the same as GTA 5 with VCPD inscribed, and the NPCs look like mannequins, indicating that the clip is most likely from an early GTA 6 build. In addition, the game includes footage of an unrelated conversation in which “LifeInvader,” a spoof social network from GTA 5, is mention. The dialogue and voice acting appear to be what you would expect from a GTA game. The strip club from GTA 6 has also shown in a leaked video. It seems bigger and busier than the one from GTA 5.

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Although Rockstar has not commented on this significant leak. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has confirmed that the most recent GTA leak is accurate with Rockstar sources. The leak’s many details are generally consistent with past releases. Many films feature Vice City banners, indicating that the game would like be situated in that city. In addition, the leak about a playable female character matches up with the video of Lucia robbing a restaurant. While it’s nice for GTA fans to get a sneak peek at GTA 6 leaks Video. Rockstar is probably having a significant nightmare because of the leak.

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