HomeNewsDue to Whatsapp technical issues, WhatsApp users can't connect.

Due to Whatsapp technical issues, WhatsApp users can’t connect.

At approximately 8 in the morning, users started posting that they were having problems on Down Detector, a website used to report outages. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Why are my messages on WhatsApp not being delivered?

According to the website, 92% of users experienced problems with being able to send messages, and the number of reported issues has quickly increased to over 12,000 as of the time this article was written.

People took their anger out on social media platforms, which led to a flood of tweets and memes.

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A user wrote as follows: “Is there something wrong with WhatsApp? My emails aren’t sent. “

While someone else asked, “Is anyone else having problems with WhatsApp?”

Another user commented, “I’m not the only one who opened Twitter to see if Whatsapp technical issues was down then,” which prompted many people to respond and share their experiences with problems related to the application.

On the delivery report, there is only one check, but users say that messages not being sent to the right people.

When you see one tick, it means that a message has sent, and when you see two ticks, it implies that the message has been sent to the sender.

When this article was written, Whatsapp technical issues had not reported any service disruptions.

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