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Dr Khadija and Sheikh Danish have a viral video on Twitter!!

A video of Sheikh Danish and medical student Dr Khadija is gaining much attention and going viral on social media. People are searching for this video and showing their interest in this viral news because this video does not contain any content that restricted to viewers under the age of 18. Still, it does include some severe issues that a lot of women have been dealing with for a very long time, but very few of them have been brave enough to talk about them.

We frequently heard that many criminals kidnapped or tormented the person who had turned down their romantic advances. Most of the time, victims subjected to a great deal of harassment. One such incident occurred not so long ago, involving a medical student who was threatened with a torch by the hand of a man who rejected her marriage proposal. Follow our website, newsyblogy.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Video Explanation Provided by Sheikh Danish and Medical Student, Dr Khadija

Because she dared to refuse his marriage proposal, the guy and his friends kidnapped the girl, whose name is Khadija Mehmood and cruelly tortured or harassed her as a kind of punishment. This was done to appease the man’s ego or his sense of superiority as a male. Medical school is where Khadija Mehmood got her start, and her hometown is Faisalabad. According to the complaint, on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, the suspect, Sheikh Danish. His companions allegedly se*ually harassed and assaulted Khadija. They also recorded the entire scenario. The incident took place on Tuesday. The suspicious Danish security personnel reportedly took the girl against her will or kidnapped her from her home. Shockingly, the suspect’s daughter also involved in this crime and supported her father’s attempt to abduct Khadija. The harassment of the medical student assisted by Danish and his daughter Ana Sheikh, who works alongside her father.

Sheikh Danish and Medical Student Dr Khadija: Leaked and Full HD Viral Video [Sheikh Danish and Dr Khadija]

The medical student brought to the suspects’ home, which is located in Faisalabad’s University Town. There, the student held captive. The allegations against them state that they humiliated and harmed the girl by making her lick their shoes as a means of punishment and that they filmed the degrading and upsetting experience using their camera. They do not even stop there; they cut her hair and tortured her. They even uploaded the video to the internet, where she can seen licking their shoes while being tormented by the accused, who also forcibly cuts her hair. The accused is visible in the video. After only a few seconds, the video began trending online and went popular on various social media platforms. Many people on social media expressed their outrage at the cruel treatment of the young girl.

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The Chief Community Policing Officer (CCPO) of Faisalabad, Umar Saeed Malik, took note of this occurrence and filed a complaint against the perpetrators at the Faisalabad police station for women. Faizan, Danish, Ashghar, Maham, Shoaib, and Khan Muhammad are the names of the suspects who have taken into custody by law enforcement officials in this instance. The face of the victim can seen very plainly in the video that is currently becoming viral and spreading all over the place.

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