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DJ Levels is in trouble after a s3x tape with the daughter shashl of a former minister came out.

Music producer tafadzwa kadzimwe, aka levels, may be in deep water after a s#x clip he recorded with singer shashl (ashleigh moyo) went viral over the weekend. “he is violent, he coerced me into s#x, it was actually more like rap*e,” ashleigh moyo, daughter of former health minister obadiah moyo, said of her father.

The se*x tape and other filthy photographs caused a stir on Zimbabwean social media over the weekend, prompting the man responsible for issuing an apology and blaming the incident on the theft and hacking of his phone. The disappearance or hiding place of Levels himself also speculated upon. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Shashl has spoken out about the situation, telling the state-owned tabloid H Metro that Levels was the type of person who “would compel me to sleep with him when I didn’t want to.”

There have been rumours that Levels’ phone stolen and that the music producer from Mbare’s Chillspot Records intentionally spread the viral video and photos. However, Shashl says that both of these rumours are false. “He put me into the position. He would force me to sleep with him even if I didn’t want to.

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“The rumor that Levels and Shashl were dating spread on social media, which is where the whole mess began.” In reality, he is the one responsible for the story’s publication. Later, he began to coerce me into sleeping with him. She said that he had said he would stop recording my songs after I said no several times.

The connection then “levelled up,” so he forced me into it against my will.

It wasn’t going to happen, and I was stubborn about it. A corner had turned, and I had no way out.

After I shared some nud*e images on the internet, he threatened me. Finally, he showed me a picture of us kissing and told me that it indicated that he was capable of more.

According to Shashl, he published his nu*es to make it appear as if someone was dumping them, and then he released a s#x tape.

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The musician claims to have filed cybercrime charges at Borrowdale Police Station since then.

I plan on laying charges against him. Claiming that nobody could harm him, he bragged about it. It was difficult because he was extorting me, but I had no idea how to say it.

He claims he can do anything, and nobody can stop him. When he compelled me to have s#x with him, it was more akin to rape than anything else because he was violent.

It reported in H Metro that Shashl said, “I had no choice except to submit the matter to the police so that the truth would be known.”

Last week, DJ Fantan said that his Chillspot Records colleague, Levels, had mysteriously disappeared.

It’s unavoidable to fall in life, but many people need you and want to hear your side of the story. “I know you are powerful and have a spotless criminal record like Jesus,” Fantan wrote.

Before going missing, Levels apologized to his followers on his Instagram page and explained that Pablos Nightclub in Harare had stolen his phone.

Nemi mese vanyarikani, I sincerely apologize to my followers, family, and bosses. Excuse me if I interrupt. Mzvinhu zvakadai maoneswa zvinhu, I take full responsibility for the situation, and I am sorry.

Hachisisina chimwe chakapfuura zvavaisa zvabva zvatopera, Praise be to God. It won’t happen again, I promise. After a brief altercation, Pabloz Nézaro took my Samsung s21, so these were in the phone, but I’m convinced they now gone. He said, “I’m sorry.

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