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Democrat lawmakers mocked the Police and SWAT officers before protecting them from rioters.

A mob of pro-abortion zealots descended on the Arizona Capitol on the final evening after a day filled with Democrat lawmakers advocating for violence. When things outside the Capitol grew ugly, the Arizona Senate and Arizona House were both in session. Police forced to use tear gas to prevent the insurrectionist mob from breaking into the Capitol.

Jake Hoffman (R), a state consultant for Arizona, gave us a fascinating inside look at what exactly transpired last night inside and outside the Arizona Capitol when we chatted with him. Follow our website, newsyblogy.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

From the moment protesters surrounded the Capitol, it evident the gang had anti-peaceful goals. The voices on the outdoor speaker system could heard from inside the building, seemingly energizing the mob. sending them into a frenzy as they brandished signs demanding the demise of our country’s top court, according to Rep. Hoffman.

He described the horrific scene that occurred outside the House Chamber as the mob attempted to enter. The Arizona State Capitol building, saying, “From the House Chamber. The gang may very well seen slamming toward the plate glass windows at the entrance of the Senate building across the courtyard”. Before the rioters tried to break into the Capitol by repeatedly kicking the locked doors to near-certain collapse, senators claimed. They could see the large glass panes on the front of their chamber bending and flexing under the weight of the frenzied mob’s assaults.

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Rep. Hoffman expressed his appreciation for the law enforcement personnel that Democrat lawmakers made fun of. “The outcome of their rebellion would have been far worse, even death. I had Arizona’s heroic police officers not been present and promptly taken action to stop the assault.”

Democrat lawmakers mocked the Police

Jake Hoffman told us that pro-abortion leaders in our state have brazenly crescendoing their calls for violence for “days and weeks leading up to this dark day in our state’s history”. Including “pro-abortion leaders in our state have been telling their supporters that there aren’t any peaceful options left. That their only choice is to start out breaking stuff.”

A tweet from Deliberate Parenthood Chair Chris Love that reads, “Combatting again doesn’t mean pussy hats or petitions”. “favoured” by elected members of the Arizona Senate and House as well as a candidate running for the House in Arizona’s sixth congressional district. To disrupt some stuff, be prepared!

“Now can be a very good time to remind every voter in Arizona.That the Deliberate Parenthood Chair has incited violent. Criminal acts before and ELECTED members of the State Senator Raquel Terán, Rep. Athena Salman, and Democrat candidate Daniel Foraz all enthusiastically supported it”. Turning Point USA’s Tyler Bowyer tweeted as an attempt to breach the Capitol was underway.

The head of Deliberate Parenthood and her sister, a potential college board member, truly despise the Police!

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Additionally, Tyler Bower exposes a tweet from a “reverend” who said “F**k the police” in response to Roe v. Wade. His tweet “loved” by the Deliberate Parenthood Chief.

This “f the police” tweet approved by the Arizona director of Deliberate Parenthood, and her sister, a faculty board member. As we speak, the PP leader (@legallylove) also tweeted about removing the Police.

The idea that the riot premeditated supported by the demands for mob violence from the best sectors of the abortion industry. I’ve urged the Arizona House to launch an investigation into the despicable events of June 24 to determine. Whether the riot was the result of premeditation or meticulous planning, according to Rep.

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