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Charmsukh Bidaai Part 2 Cast, Synopsis, and Availability!

After the popularity of Charmsukh Bidaai Part 1, the release date of Part 2 announced on the Ullu app. The web series will target a specific demographic of the general public and pitched as a suspense thriller with a “thirst trap” premise. Charmsukh Bidaai stars Pihu Kanojia, Pihu Jaiswal, and Jayshri Gaikwad.

Find out everything you need to know about the Charmsukh Bidaai web series, including its creators, stars, premiere date, narrative summary, and where to watch it after it airs. We also discuss what makes Charmsukh Bidaai a great Ullu web series you can watch simultaneously. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

An Overview of the Charmsukh Bidaai Web Series

As teased in the trailer, Charmsukh Bidaai Part 2 picks up where the first film leaves off. The husband portrayed inaccurately as impotent in online series. When her husband learned about her affair with the local doctor, she went back to live with her mother.

The web series “Charmsukh Bidaai” is story-driven and features a large number of actresses. It’s worth noting that Pihu Kanojia’s mother shares screen time with the show’s male lead.

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For the past few months, Ullu App has consistently released stories that hit a chord with their audience, along with several situations sure to excite their devoted following.

Charmsukh Bidaai Part 2 Cast

  • Pihu Kanojia as Chameli
  • Dhiraj Kumar Rai as Genda
  • Pihu Jaiswal as Lajjo
  • Jayashri Gaikwad as Bindiya
  • Ankur Malhotra as Dr. Trilochan
  • Shobhita Srivastava as Kamladevi
  • Leena Sharma as Kumkum

Where To Watch Online Charmsukh Bidaai Part 2

the web series Charmsukh Bidaai Part 2 will debut on August 28, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. Both viewers and critics liked how the online series was put together and how it directed. We hope to see Pihu Kanojia and Jayshri Gaikwad in many upcoming Ullu web series in many stories.

Some upcoming Ullu web series include Noor Malabika, Honey Trap, Hiral Radadiya, Palang Tod Siskiyaan 3, Priya Gamre, and the Jabran online series starring Mahi Khan and Donna Munshi, which are just a few of the upcoming Ullu web series.

The first version of the series came out in Hindi because many people in India speak Hindi and like to watch exciting web series. The web series is available for free viewing and downloading for those who have the Ullu app.

Pihu Kanojia and Pihu Jaiswal’s excellent acting in the series has made it a fan favourite.

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