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Betty Kyalo video is popular on Twitter and Reddit.

A Kenyan media personality is in the news because a video of an alleged media personality went viral online. The sources say that the video shows Betty Kyallo, a well-known media figure in Kenya. She has been in other controversies in the past as well. Reports say that this video got a lot of attention online quickly, and after it was posted online, many people made fun of Betty for it and criticised her. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is this Betty Kyalo?

When the video was being streamed online for free, stay tuned as we talked about more details about this online video of Betty Kyallo, a famous person in the media. Betty was already well-known in Kenya before her video went viral. Betty is known for taking risks and doing bold things. She is a well-known person in the media who became famous on Kenyan TV and is known as a TV personality there.

A video of Betty Kyalo going viral

She had worked there before as an intern and later as a news anchor for the 9 o’clock news. She also joined the K24 news network. Before that, she worked for the Kenya TV Network, where she interviewed and asked questions of many famous people. In 2021, she quit watching TV and opened a BK Salons salon. Even though her salon was open then, he returned in 2022 and started appearing on the show Max Show.

This week, a video of a woman having s*x with a man was posted on Twitter. At first, it didn’t seem like anyone was too worried, but it turned out that the woman in the video was Betty. As soon as people started sharing this video on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, it quickly became popular on all major social media networks and online.

Explanation of Betty Kyalo in a video

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In the video, the woman shows off her intimate parts and does intimate things with a man. Screenshots and the full video of the video started to be shared online. People began to wonder if the man in the video was her new boyfriend. The video was shared so much that even Betty saw it and quickly said what she thought about it. Betty posted a story on her real Instagram account in which she was holding a champagne glass and wearing a glass, but she said that the woman in the video was not her.

Betty says that the woman in the video is also a B. Because the woman in the video looks like Betty, it’s possible that some people thought she was the other woman. No matter what, the video has been shared and is very popular on the internet. Betty has been famous before, but it was for all the wrong reasons the last time. She posted a selfie earlier, and it quickly went viral.

She had told her fans that she would post pictures of herself on vacation wearing only a bikini. When she got back, she showed everyone the video, which was amazing. Then, people said the picture showed too much of her chest and could also see her nip. This started the online debate.

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