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An original and complete version of Silchar Student Girl’s viral video!

Because the movie was shared on social media, people on the internet reacted to it differently. Some people have criticized the actions of the student. Others, on the other hand, have attacked them, saying that students shouldn’t disrespect the classroom, where people go to learn and grow. Some people have criticized the student’s actions, while others have condemned them.

Seven pupils from the Ramanuj Gupta Junior College in Silchar expelled after it discovered that they participated in acts of moral turpitude and violated the institution’s norms. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

In a video clip that has since gone viral on social media, kids from Silchar’s Ramanuj Gupta Junior College can seen hugging and making fun of each other in the classroom. A student in the same class recorded the video on a mobile device. The student then shared the footage on social media.

Following the video’s widespread distribution on the internet, the college sent letters of suspension to seven students in the classroom who had participated in the disruptive behavior. It has come to the administration’s attention that there has been some dishonest behavior on the part of a modest number of pupils, which has been very visible. This kind of behavior goes against the rules and policies of the organization in an obvious way. Because of this, the following students will not be able to attend school until further notice.

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>>> Silchar Video Is Going Viral On Social Media!!

The Complete Video Of Silchar Viral Girl

Since the video posted on social media, people who use the internet have had different things to say about it. While some individuals have criticized the students’ behavior, others have condemned it, stating that students shouldn’t disregard the discipline-oriented environment of a place of learning. While some people have criticized the students’ behavior, others have denounced it.

It is possible to include Ramanuj Gupta Junior College in this context because it is one of the most well-known schools in the Barak Valley and is famous for its achievement in secondary examinations.

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