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An obituary outlines James Yeager’s cause of death.

James Yeager has passed away, and an obituary has publish with details about the cause of his death. Tactical Response was establish in 1996 to provide legally armed citizens with the most advanced firearms and tactical training available. The company’s size has gradually increased over the years, but one characteristic has remained unchanged. The possibility of transferring our knowledge to other people is of the same significance to us.

The instructors that work with Tactical Response now come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, such as the military, the corporate sector, law enforcement, private security service contractors, and other areas.

Everyone in our group has the same goal: to continue learning new things forever. This is something that we all have in common. We receive hundreds of courses annually from various schools and teachers from the wider community who volunteer their time and expertise. We solemnly swear that we will not allow ourselves to influence in any manner, shape, or form by conventional wisdom or the preexisting social order.

Transparency on the part of students is required for tactical responses. Just as it is for us if a student attends a class and does not acquire at least one new piece of knowledge while there, the student is regarded to have fail the course.

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You will never hear of one of our professors having a strategy named after them. Since we are force constantly to present an explanation for every decision we make. As a result, you will never hear of anyone else having a strategy named after them. When faced with calling anything, we go out and get a boat.

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