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All Episodes of Chull Paani Chalka Kooku Online.

The official Kooku app is where you can watch Chull Paani Chalka online. The online series was well-received by fans and critics for its production values. On November 14, 2022, the comedy-drama. Fans loved the Chull Paani Chalka web series because it had interesting stories and great acting.

The main characters in the Chull Paani Chalka web series were played by Alendra Bill, Ambika Shukla, and Kaith. Azad Bharti is in charge of the web series, which has episodes lasting between 25 and 30 minutes each.

On Kooku App, you can watch all of Chull Paani Chalka’s episodes online. Before, Kooku App released the web series Chull Room Service, in which Ayesha Pathan played a key role. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Chull Paani Chalka Kooku Web Series Cast

  • Javed Shaikh – Ankush
  • Alendra Bill – Arpita
  • Ambika Shukla – Vandana
  • Shakespeare – Rohit
  • Kaith – Russian Model

Chull Paani Chalka Web Series Story

The first scene of the first episode of Chull Paani shows the hotel manager (Ambika Shukla) delivering room service and finding that famous panty with big lips. She asked about the panty and asked the staff to clean the room and give the item back to the person who had left it there.

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The scene moved to the pool area, where a guest was taking a bath. When Kaith, a Russian model in a black monokini, walked into the pool, everyone’s attention went to her. We can tell she and the stranger in the collection have a strong connection.

Then we meet Ankush (Javed Shaikh), a hotel worker, and Arpita, who also works at the hotel (Alendra Bil). Ankush was looking at Arpita while she cleaned the pool in her hotel uniform. One of his friends laughed at him as he kept telling her he loved her.

Ankush talked to Arpita, but Arpita said no right away. Later, Arpita went to the store room and stared at the red panty for a long time. She decided to wear it, and we watched Alendra Bill take off her pants so she could change them.

She made love to Ankush after the panty started working again. Ankush explained the following day that he knew it was magic, but he wanted it to keep happening.

Chull Paani Chalka is about the story while red panty makes things crazy. Alendra Bill, Ambika Shukla, and Kaith appear in more than one scene in Chull Paani Chalka.

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