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A viral video of a couple having fun on a beach in Columbia led to a $200 fine.

Internet users right now interested in some shocking and embarrassing news. On the Internet, there is a video of two adults having a s*xual encounter at the beach while kids play nearby. The couple was able to get $200 for what happened. People on the Internet are making funny videos, which makes the situation very funny. The video made in Columbia, which is close to the Caribbean Sea and has a beach. The people are doing things in public that are against the law. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

A video of a couple having s*x on a beach in Columbia

They took place on September 11 at Marimar Beach in Puerto Colombia, where everyone could see the show. On a Saturday afternoon, everyone was out on the beach enjoying the view. People say the group moved their positions underwater and didn’t care that kids were playing nearby. The Director of Public Safety walked to the front of the crowd and told them what was happening.

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Children play nearby as a horny couple has s*x on a beach in Columbia

There was no god of the night, but a fan favorite found, so the event put on hold. The incident mention formally on the Department’s Twitter feed, and all the details were given. People are saying they drunk. Which is why they did these things in public. The public could see that clearly and didn’t worry about it. People laughed as they used their phones to record the event, and some told others not to look at the place.

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Citizens need to know that they should use public facilities with more care daily. Many times, people on public transportation have done things that are not okay. South America known for its beaches, and many people visit them yearly. If they found, they would sentenced to time in jail. Should they proven guilty, they will feel humiliated by their behavior.

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