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A video allegedly contains Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s voicemails.

In a video together, Ray J and Kim Kardashian, Candice Owens is the one who allegedly leaked Kim Kardashian’s voicemail to Ray J over ten years ago, and the voicemail in question allegedly contains a message from Kim Kardashian. In the voicemail, he began by describing the exes as “sick” and “disgusting” before referring to Whitney Houston as “the old man.”

I motivated to play the tape on the most recent edition of Candice Owens’ podcast, in which she discusses black guys employed by the Kardashians. Although it is unclear how Owens received the sound, I felt compelled to air the recording. They would have to get to their current place for him to “leave” them before he would do so, in the middle of the sand. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Kim Kardashian Viral Video

Owens claims that there are tapes that record Kim Kardashian making derogatory comments about other people. […] She is not the innocent little Kim K that she portrays herself to be today. It’s terrible—he rants at Ray J and calls Whitney Houston an idiot. He also insults Ray J. […] She is the polar opposite of the Kim Kardashian your children exposed to while growing up.

Afterward, he advised those listening to him that the recording they were listening to was merely a sample of the finished product, which was not yet available to the general public.

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On the audio recording, a voice believed to belong to Kardashian can heard saying, “I honestly think you are a sick person.” You are just desperate for attention to the point that you are willing to do anything to get it.

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I loathe you so much. You are a deranged individual; crack is certainly not for someone like you. Have a good time with that old crone, Whitney.

Kim Kardashian’s yelling voicemail to Ray J leaked.

We had the presumption that the public dispute between the Kardashians and Ray J could not possibly become more contentious at this point. It seems that things between them have recently turned for the worst regarding their relationship.

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