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A Lahore top school’s alleged abuse of pupils went viral on social media.

At an elite school in Lahore, students beat up one of their own. Police say that students at a prestigious school in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, tortured one of their classmates.

Three girls push a classmate to the ground and sit on her, and other students take a picture of the whole thing. The video is viral. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

One of the girls seen hitting the victim while making her say she’s sorry for something that hasn’t independently confirmed yet. A girl is kicking the victim in the head to make her feel bad.

After the video shared on social media, the Punjab Police tweeted that they had charged and that an investigation had begun.

Viral Video on Social Media

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Local news reports say that the three girls beat up their classmate after she said that one of them was using drugs. The case started because the victim’s father said his daughter also being forced to become a drug addict.

Reports from the media say that the complainant also said that her daughter’s gold chain taken during the incident. A group of girls at an elite school in Lahore said to have tortured a fellow student for telling her she couldn’t drink. The video of the alleged torture went viral on social media.

A group of girls at a school in the Defense district beat up a classmate because she supposedly told them not to drink, and a video of the attack quickly went viral on social media. During the fighting, the girls said they were sorry. Ask for more and be rude.

A video posted to social media shows that a group of women forced a fellow student to the ground, sat on her head, and beat her. In the background, other people were also taking pictures. The defense says that the incident occurred at the Scarsdale American International School. The woman who attacked said to have told her coworkers not to drink, which made the two groups even angrier with each other.

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